Kerala Assembly Election Results-- 2021:

134. Thiruvananthapuram

Total Votes: 203319
Votes Polled: 128236
Rejected & Missing Votes: 0

Name of the CandidatePartyVotesPercentage
Antony RajuJKC4874838.01
V. S. SivakumarINC4165932.49
G. KrishnakumarBJP3499627.29
Abhilash VadakkanIND4360.34
A. SabooraSUCIC3660.29
Raju AntonyIND2890.23
Chala Mohanan D.IND2450.19
Antony Raju s/o RajuIND1900.15
K. Sivakumar s/o Kumara SwamyIND1640.13
T. S. Krishnakuar s/o SankarankuttyIND890.07

Mr. Antony Raju elected with a margin of 7089 votes.


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