Kerala Assembly Election Results-- 2016:

75. Angamaly

Electorate: 163628
Votes Polled: 136173
Polling Percentage: 83.22
Rejected Votes: 16

Name of the CandidatePartyVotesPercentage
Roji M. JohnINC6666648.96
Benny MoonjelyJDS5748042.22
P. J. BabuKCTH90146.62
Jayanthi VelayudhanBSP7420.54
M. K. KanjanavallySUCIC5950.44
P. R. Manikyamangalam (P R MohanIND3850.28
Sunny Thomas MadasseryIND2450.18
Shajan ThattilSP2190.16

Mr. Roji M. John elected with a margin of 9186 votes.


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